Artist statement

I create a self-portrait from the physiognomy and direct confessions of the people that I photograph. My work explores the shape of the human body in the most intimate way by means of directional lines and visual forces. The portraits embody beauty and emotion as a direct dialogue of honesty and simplicity used to define my personality and obsessions.

Femininity as acidity and grace, or masculinity as power and vulnerability on the other hand, are themes that feed my imagination. Creativity helps me translate them into concepts that can be encoded through visual language. Thus, I make the border between visual and essence disappear.

The careful control of artificial light, uniform background and posing give birth to a perfect structure where the characters can be placed beyond time and space.
I disturb by their trenchant and direct eye contact, making a challenge from the inside to the outside. Each concept is carefully planned by sketching a minimal storyboard and the lights, camera and post-processing are  tools needed to complete a fine art full of intent.



Bratila Loredana proved her skills ever since she was a child and discovered this wonderful artistic world. May it have been inherited from her father or proved to be a part of her personality, she started taking photography seriously during high school. That is when she discovered a new world that overlapped the reality that is known by most people, improving herself in manipulating reality by means of visual art.

This passion embodied in a diploma acquired after 4 years of study at the University of Film Image and Television. One should take in consideration the previous 10 years of practice and training workshops that were completed by the theoretical study.

Ten years passed and she has continued with practicing her art, constantly improving her skills and knowledge. Starting as a student and upholding even after graduating, she worked for several important national television channels, this being a great opportunity to practice what she was learning. However, being an employee staved off her creativity and freedom of expressing her artistic vision.

Acknowledging that this lack of freedom languished her, she quit television and made a new departure on the pathway of creativity and depiction of the unusual, opening her own photo studio, part of SMA.