Hey everyone, this is something I’ve worked on for quite some time! I hope you will enjoy!

Director/ Edit: Loredana Bratila
Cast: Costin Vasile, Silvia Alexandru
Haircuts: Catalin Stanescu
VFX: Mihai Filoneanu
Color Grading: SMA Studio
Music: Fever Ray
Photo Credit: Catalin Stanescu
Photo Retouch: Ana Maria Nedelea

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Diamonds and Flesh

NIF Magazine published my ” Diamonds and Flesh”!




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Poem for a Dead Soul

Poem for a Dead Soul is an experimental film made in honor of Alejandro Jodorowsky .

Poem for a Dead Soul

Based on the presumptive idea that a dead soul can remain for an undefined period of time in the purgatory, the film creates a visual version of the fight between reality and dream, conscience and subconscious, truth and incertitude. Those concepts create emotional tension and the soul is the one struggling with the mind, to remember, to be able to escape from purgatory.
The movie has cyclic structure creating a temporary loop which highlights the helplessness of a dead soul. The mind cannot remember and the internal conflicts are hard to be explained.
The generalization of the struggle and the visual body language is the voice of a subjective narrator, who leads the character, among the three spiritual guides, on an initiatory path of losing oneself all over again. He is unable to free himself and find an end for his eternal torments and obsessions.
The fight culminates with a chromatic massacre and, in the end, the tension vanishes because of the temporal cyclic character; this loss creates an infinite continuous wave.

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