Happy in Ploiesti


The experimental film “Raw” is designed as a self portrait using visual language to illustrate the creation process from the beginning, as primordial water, to the final and defined form of an artistic product. By using Sound and Video Editing I create a series of tensions which never rich a climax and I use the final shoot to complete the cyclic concept of the film.


Rockaine is a commercial hair styling video.

Poem for a Dead Soul

Poem for a dead soul is an experimental film made in honor of Alejandro Jodorowsky. Based on the presumptive idea that a dead soul can remain for an undefined period of time in the purgatory, the film creates a visual version of the fight between reality and dream, conscience and subconscious, truth and incertitude. The fight culminates with a chromatic massacre and, in the end, the tension vanishes because of the temporal cyclic character; this loss creates an infinite continuous wave.


Experimental Short Film