Ploiesti old and new

The exhibition “Ploiesti old and new “ designed and built by Loredana Bratila, in collaboration with Lucian Vasile,  is a step towards the recovery of historical and architectural heritage neglected because of the rapidity with which daily life is conducted . The approach is an educational one for the citizen of Ploiesti, out of which one can find its origin in relation to the legacy of past generations. Based on the contrast between the past which survived the history of disorders and the present which we face every day, the prospect regards towards the future that each of us may define by the concern given to the development of the city.

The wall does not only have a constructive function – to build new structures and build new realities – but also demarcates urban developments in the layout of a city. The manner in which the bricks are laid , their shape or composition are features of some eras distinguished by distinct lines . Be it material made ​​by craftsmen or workers form the nineteenth century, the interwar builders or the  precast segments in the last decades, all of them maintain their distinct identity . Side by side, all elements form a puzzle that defines a city and a community living near and within these structures.

Beyond the wall that represents the façade of a building, the individual enters the history of Ploiesti, creating a connection between the past and the present that gives individuality town where we live. Arisen in the old-new antithesis, the buildings become a civics lesson of the way we perceive and assume the city. Knowing it, Ploiesti thus become not only a geographical settlement but an emotional one. The window to the past offered by Loredana Bratila is a way to understand ourselves as citizens of Ploiesti and to compare this with what our parents and grandparents lived .

It is an invitation to put a brick in the foundation of a better city for future generations.

We are Happy in Ploiesti